ALGON has all the swimming and spa pool cleaning products you will ever need for total water clarity and algae control.

ALGON manufactures and supplies a complete range of water-based swimming and spa pool cleaning products that are very safe, effective and easy to use. We have a range of algae treatments and clarifiers. New to our range of products is SLIME STRIKE which removes moss, algae and lichen from hard surfaces.

The ALGON range of pool cleaners was developed by ALGON’S founder, Owen Hayward, a no-nonsense Kiwi entrepreneur. He was unable to get his pool clear with products available at the time (1980’s), so he made his own and the rest, as they say, is history!

The products are all manufactured in New Zealand and are designed to make your pool maintenance easy. There’s no mixing; simply add your ALGON product of choice to your pool and forget about it …Nature will look after the rest!

ALGON’s pool cleaning products will reduce the time you spend maintaining and cleaning your pool, reduce clean-up costs and chlorine demand – and therefore the amount of chlorine used.