Our customers asked us to produce a winter algae control. So we modified one of our existing products and created WINTERISER.

WINTERISER has been developed to last up to 4 months and prevents your pool getting algae thus making Summer start-up much easier. WINTERISER will greatly reduce your chlorine requirements over winter.

WINTERISER contains 40 gm/litre complex blend of copper salts formulated for slow release over the winter months.

For best results:

  1. Vacuum your pool then clean filter system thoroughly by back washing.
  2. Adjust Ph to between 7.2 & 7.6.
  3. Add chlorine.
  4. Wait 48 hours before adding ALGON’S WINTERISER at the recommended dosage.
  5. Throughout winter remember to keep adding chlorine every 7 to 14 days and run filter approx 4 hours a day.
  6. Don’t let the Ph climb above 7.6.