Moss, mould, slime and lichen make decking and other areas very slippery and unsightly. SLIME STRIKE will remove them and leave a residue that will prevent them from returning for up to 12 months. SLIME STRIKE is slow working, just spray or brush it on and let nature do the rest. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

SLIME STRIKE removes all moss, algae and lichen from concrete paths, patios, outside furniture, timber decking, bricks, awnings and any other hard surface. It is also very good for lichen on roofs and awnings. 

Dilute as directed and spray, pour from a watering can or pour and brush to cover area to be cleaned.

For best results:

  1. Wet area to be treated late in the day, allow to partly dry, then apply SLIME STRIKE with a garden sprayer, watering can or brush it on.
  2. ALGON’S SLIME STRIKE is slow working. Forget it and let nature do the rest.